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About the Crew:

We are American Street Artist LewisOne and his group of talented Comic Book Drawing Monkey Artists and Story Telling WordSmith Dirk Daring.


Non-Starving Artist LewisOne has been creating for public art projects, gallery shows, comics and video games for the past 20 something years.  LewisOne started out in the Animation industry at Warner Brothers doing traditional animation while he pursued his street art endeavors.

Now-a-Days He can be found menacing the town-folk with his caricatures, live street art, and in his studio working on pubic art projects while bassing out to Industrial Music and creating his own comics, animations, and gallery paintings.

Dirk Daring

Dirk likes to have fun and avoid pissin off his Parole Officer…

He likes writing stories and stuff about underdog hero. Creatin’ words from what goes on in his head is funner than talking to himself.  He enjoys saving princesses from bad things, eating mushrooms that “make me big and strong”, stomping on helpless turtles (stuffed ones), jumping over burning barrels, and picking daisies.

He use to be robbin’ banks and stuff leading to trying to escape jail by tunneling under streets.  He found that he sucked as a prisoner so now he found himself a new line of work that doesn’t hurt people. Life is good under the FREE sun.

*Important Note:

First and foremost, we are not this Banksy dude.  Unlike us, He’s super awesome walking around with his redish curly hair, standing 6 foot 4 inches tall, and ripped abs blowing kisses to all the ladies.  He probably had like 14 girlfriends.  Banksy is believed to be somewhere in Spain and is unavailable for comments.

Plus, We don’t snitch, so even if we did happen to know him we wouldn’t tell you, but we don’t, so don’t ask.

There is some gents named Shepherd and Thierry, those dudes for sure know him, hit them up if Banksy owes you money and you are trying to track him down.  Last we heard he was at a bar in Bristol getting shit-faced with some sketchy looking blokes working out his next painting caper.  If you do find him, tell him my sister wants him to hook her up with some child support already and stop being a deadbeat.


All characters, likenesses, artwork, written content, merchandise, story concepts and all intellectual properties are copyright LewisOne Stuidios. &copy 2010, excluding convention logos, store logos, KickStarter logo and artwork associated with ads originating from those enterprises and excluding the creative teams’ likenesses.  The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.  This Banksy, from the UK/US/Canada/Japan we believe to be an Urban Myth and this is the stories we have made up about him/her/it/legend/pornstar.